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Linux Operating System

An Operating System is the program that run alls the other programs and talks to the hardware. Linuix is the free and open source Operating System. There are many many flavours of Linux. The one I use is MXLinux. My computers are older and MXLinux does not use as many resources as other Operating Systems such as Ubuntu and Mint.


According to Distro Watch MXLinux is consistently the most downloaded Linux OS. There is a good reason for this. It works. And it works on older computers, including my 2011 Dell Optiplex 790. Since MXLinuxs is the OS I am using, when ever I am talking about Linux or Operating Systems I am talking about my MXLinux Installation.


There are 3 main methods of installing application onto your system. You can use the MXLinux Package Installer. Install apps using the Terminal. There is one other method and its not really installing. Its running the app from an AppImage