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I've been around computers for 1000's of years and have been using them for the last couple of hundred. And I can't recommend the Raspberry PI enough. OK, so I exaggerate. But the truth is the Raspberry PI does exactly what its creators wanted it to do and more. The Raspberry PI is the best and safest learning tool I have ever used.

All you need to do is load the operating system on and attack the PI with all you got. And when things get irretrievably mess up just reinstall the operating system and start all over. No damage done. I've got 3 Pi Zeros and and a Pi B++. This page is getting served to you from my PI B+. I use the Zeros for learning, practice and making lots of mistakes.

If you want to do what I am doing and get a home server up and /running I suggest at least you get two Pi's. Three seems to work for me. Try fail, try get it right and then implement.