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sha256sum Hashes

How to verify if a file is valid

Open the terminal and point to the file you want to check.

sha256sum 2020-05-27-raspios-buster-lite-armhf.zip

Once you have downloaded your file you can now check this number against the one on the site where you downloaded the file from. They should match. If they down then you should not install or run that file.

See the above number is the same as the number on the Raspberry PI wesite as the number produced by running sha256sum again the downloaded file. Which is the Raspberry PI operating system in this case. But the same principle applies for any files.

Aslo another Example

echo this is  contract | sha256sum
eec82bac6507ba7b32cd7c91df226c6cf21143431a2febda8be510c00603c885  -